Massage Therapies


Bodies in Balance believes in putting the needs of our clients first.  Unlike massage therapists or clinics that have a “one size fits all” mindset, Bodies in Balance provides our clients with comprehensive treatment that is customized to his or her specific needs and situation.  The specialized advanced training of our therapists makes it possible for them to draw on a wide range of therapies, in order to provide the best possible personalized care. 

This philosophy also extends to our pricing policy.  For massage therapy, thai massage and reiki, our fees are based on the length of our sessions, not on the types or number of modalities that are used in the treatment. This philosophy allows our therapists to cater to the needs of our clients, rather than worry about selling specific therapies or withholding appropriate treatment because it doesn’t fit into a generic, predefined package. Click here to learn more about the many types of therapies we use in our sessions at Bodies in Balance.  

Massage Therapies:  
     60 Minute Massage $80
     Pkg of 6 - 60 Minute Massages $410


If our approach to massage therapy sounds like the way you would like to be treated, please consider a visit to Bodies in Balance to enhance your quality of life. Contact us at, or fill out our contact us form.


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