Flat Rate Pricing Provides A Better Experience

Posted: November 06, 2010

Because Bodies in Balance believes in drawing on a full array of treatments and utilizing the best possible combination for each individual situation, we also believe in flat rate pricing.  In doing so, there are no surprises for our clients and no pressure on our therapists to limit the scope of their treatment options.

A majority of massage therapy practices have a "menu board" mentality and will nickel and dime their clients for every element of their treatment.  This can create awkward situations and often forces the client to guess at what services they need or prefer.  Bodies in Balance therapists often use several modalities in one session in order to provide the best possible outcome.  We believe this different approach makes all the difference in the quality of care we can provide to our clients.

At Bodies in Balance you always know the price of your treatment before it begins and there are never any surprises.

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