At Bodies in Balance, we believe in customized service for every client.  Each treatment is specific to the needs of the person receiving it and we use a variety of therapies to accomplish our objectives for every client we see.  It's gratifying to realize that our clients appreciate our efforts.  Here is a sampling of what they're saying about their experiences with Bodies in Balance.

Deirdre H.

Michelle Gaine has been my massage therapist for the last 8 years. I suffered from severe migraines that had plagued me for most of my life and was in desperate need of a solution. That is when I found Michelle. She offered me a healing solution through massage therapy. In the 8 year time frame not only did Michelle help me tremendously with dealing with the migraines, she then found herself providing me with prenatal massage therapy as well. For all 3 of my pregnancies, Michelle helped and supported my body's transitions through her work. I will forever be grateful for her skills and technique.  

Dr. Chad A.

As a physician, I was amazed at the depth of knowledge that Michelle held about the human body and how her craft could positively impact its systems. I have found that she is an expert in detecting the exact areas of my body that require her attention the most. Not only has Michelle kept me performing at maximum capacity, she has also guided and maintained my wife's muscular issues as her body has constantly changed throughout her first pregnancy. I would like to personally thank Michelle for all of the great work that she has done for us...



Dr. Mark and Sue B.

My wife and I have been using Michelle's services for a decade now and have found her to be an invaluable resource in helping us achieve our health and wellness goals. Sometimes, no matter how much you try, you just can't seem to avoid the aches and pains that come with living an active lifestyle. Countless times Michelle has saved the day and helped us get back on the road to feeling great. Over the years we have referred many of our patients to Michelle because she is a terrific massage therapist who cares about the clients she serves.  


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